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MLA Formatting

For students needing references to help with correct formatting and citation of MLA style.  Purdue Owl website also has good information for other styles of formatting reference material as well.

Journal Prompts

Hopefully everyone can access this link.  It has daily prompts for students to continue journaling.  If students want to use a Google doc to write, they can then share it with me.

writing prompts

This link is to a list on the Edutopia webside with 50 writing prompts for different grade levels.  Students can continue to hone their writing skills by continuing their practice with these prompts.

State Department of Education recommended activities

This is a document with several recommended activities for middle school and high school students.  They are all great enrichment activities that would reinforce skills we’ve been learning in class.

No Red Ink

This is a great resource for students interested in adding to their skills.  There are units on grammar, writing, and ACT prep.  If you would like to use this resource, email me at, and I can add your student and assign topics for practice from any areas desired.  It is useful for any grade level.

YouTube link to story about esports in school

This would be a great topic to research to write an argumentative paper about whether you believe esports should be included in schools or not. 

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