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Temple Schools Adopts House System

Through the House system we seek to further foster our sense of school community and students sense of loyalty.  There are increased opportunities, not only for leadership but also responsibility and competition. Students are in mixed age groups from Seniors to Sixth Grade. Through this we hope to instill a real sense of accountability to each other as well as giving our students the skills to work successfully with people of all ages.

We feel our House system will raise standards, expectations and aspirations. It will further create a group loyalty which can have a powerful shaping influence on behavior. We hope to increase, through the House system, students confidence in being open to experiences which will help them engage with their learning. 

Not only do older students take on responsibility for younger students, but cross year relationships will flourish. This grows trust and leadership and allows students to be responsible for each other- we want to increase students’ sense of family and belonging.

Our four Houses were assigned a color and character trait. Yellow House is Akeraiotita which is Greek for Integrity. They have chosen the Eagle as their house mascot. Orange House is Tharros which is Greek for Courage. Tharros chose the lion as their house mascot. Purple House is Afosiosi which is Greek for loyalty and their mascot is the Fox. Green House is Epimoni which is Greek for perseverance. Epimoni chose the wolf as their house mascot. Everyone is encouraged to wear red on Fridays to show school pride. 

Monday is designated as House day.  Students will wear their house colors on this day and sit together as a family at lunch. We will have House competitions on Mondays to earn points. The House with the most points at the end of the year will earn the House cup. Points will also be given for other things like honor roll, perfect attendance, and participation in extracurricular activities.